Your next high-profile presentation has all the makings of a blockbuster film. There is a stage. There are lights. There is an audience. And then... there's you! Are you up for it?

From this one presentation, several things can happen. You can bore your audience to tears (just like everyone else) and let PowerPoint do the work.  You can do nothing and hope that your presentation isn't the source of cooler gossip. Or you can take this opportunity to be seen as the iconic leader whose total ownership of the stage generates a powerful buzz.

Robyn Hatcher, communication expert and NLP practitioner, has a winning formula that for 15 plus years has elevated the skills of C-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies and others. Robyn will help you... Exceed your potential ... Outperform the competition... Maximize your impact.

  • Have irresistible stage presence using body language & brain science
  • Command a room with the power of your voice
  • Write engaging scripts for (sales pitches, value propositions, PowerPoint presentations)
  • Discover your ActorType* and step into the role that works for you
  • Feel totally at home in the spotlight you deserve
Thought Leaders who need to lead change. Emerging leaders who need to command respect. Anyone who needs to stand in front of 1-10,000 people and speak.

Not Good For: People who are convinced that fear of public speaking is incurable.

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Communication is like mixing up chemicals. Sometimes it creates exciting discoveries… sometimes it’s fruitless.... Sometimes it just blows up!

You have the data. You transformed it into information. But still, your audience doesn't seem to get it.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Your valuable expertise can only make an impact if it’s understood.

Discover Robyn Hatcher's powerful formula to morph well-intentioned data dumpers into engaging, and impactful communicators.

  • Become the EF Hutton of your office - You talk. They listen. They learn. They like.
  • Give even the toughest feedback without pushback
  • Use brain science secrets to dissolve communication barriers
  • Transform complex data into relatable content and powerful stories
  • Distill your message to meet your listener - even if they're distracted
Anyone whose success depends on speaking up and being heard. Technical Professionals - Engineers, IT professionals, Scientists, analysts; Financial Services Professionals; Emerging Leaders, New managers, Team Leaders, Entrepreneurs.

Not Good For: People who are happy boring others and keeping opinions to themselves.

All programs are interactive and can be customized to fit your needs.

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Format: ​45-60 Keynote

What keeps you from shining? Do you sometimes feel like someone pressed the mute button on your voice? When you’re at a meeting, do you have important information to add but the time never seems “right?” OR have you been told that you are “too assertive?”

You know you’re talented, smart, focused and competent but you struggle when it comes to communicating your greatness.

Like you, Robyn was labelled and misunderstood early in life. Her literal nickname growing up was “shy.” Neighbors thought she was developmentally delayed.

Through acting, writing and years of personal development, Robyn took herself from Shy to Shining. Determined to release others from the straight jacket that keeps them from their success, she discovered a method that combines brain science, acting techniques and tried and true communication strategies that has helped thousands of business professionals command more respect, gain more recognition and become the leaders they were meant to be.

  • ​Shine a light on and reframe their “Albatross” – that one thing that keeps them feeling small
  • Uncover, embrace and own their un-paralleled value
  • Employ brain science techniques to create a personal Avatar
  • Rewrite the story of their life and turn any Misfortune into Mission
  • Non-verbal delivery tips to help them share their mission with confidence
  • ​Middle managers looking to advance
  • Uncover, embrace and own their un-paralleled value
  • Women's groups
  • Youth groups
  • Anyone who needs to step into their greatness

Not Good For: People with a fixed mindset

Book this inspirational, informational program that will inspire, inform and ignite your audiences.

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You’ve developed. You’ve differentiated. And you’ve communicated.
But still, your perfect customer doesn’t see how your product or service is perfect for them.

The more you tell, the less you seem to sell.

Your bottom line depends on turning prospects into profits. To do that, you need to stop telling and start compelling.

Robyn Hatcher, communication expert and NLP practitioner, has a winning formula that for 15 plus years has elevated the skills of sales professionals and sales teams from Fortune 50-500 companies like UBS, AXA Equitable, Hewlett Packard and others.

  • ​Gain better buy-in with brain based rapport building techniques
  • Express your irresistible brand value
  • Win over prospects with easy-to-use body language & mind-set techniques
  • Turn objections into opportunities
  • Three ways to become a confident, profitable networker
Managers of underperforming teams; Sales professionals, Sales teams, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Women's groups; Anyone that has to drive results and wants to empower their team members to do the same.

Not Good For: Sales professionals or individuals who are content to stay exactly where they are.

All programs are interactive and customized to fit your needs.

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